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Madagascar Things to Do and See


Madagascar is a huge island situated in the southeast coast of Africa. Well, not the animated movie that comes immediately to your mind, we are speaking of the real Madagascar. This is a place very unique as the flora and fauna you find here are found nowhere in the world such as the lemur monkeys and the see through chameleon. Some part of this place and a few beaches are still not explored and are untouched unlike any other countries.


A baobab is a unique tree which is found around Madagascar. There is almost 20-25 trees lined in a row in a dirt road between the Morondava and the Beloni Tsiribihina. It is an interesting ride through this road and the sunset is the best sight here. Also to be close to nature you can visit the Andohahela National Reserve where you will find baobabs in abundance. These trees have bloated trunk and misshapen forms are the only one of their kind in this world.



Antadroy is a group of local Malgasy people or the local people; they surround their houses with all kinds of thorned plants .The villagers are happy people always singing, dancing and their music is famous. The local guide helps you to discover the culture; you can take a group tour or personal guide, you can also watch their wrestling matches, evening song shows where all the villagers assemble.


Madagascar is a beautiful country and very close to undisturbed nature; here you can explore the eroded grey limestone protrusions called as tsingy. They have a broad passage to walk through without destroying the fragile stones on the passage.


In the Ankarana National Park, you encounter with various wildlife and different species of lemur such as crowned lemur, Sanford’s brown lemur, Perrier’s black lemur and dwarf lemur. And of course the most famous see through chameleons and variety of plants and animals. Due to the extreme weather condition the trees are of peculiar shapes which are quite different.


For travelers who want some extra fun, here it is the white water rafting at the Lily Falls, there are many unexplored rapids. Lily rapids are easily accessible offering a 20m exciting plunge.


Visit to Madagascar is an adventure, one way to experience the adventure and the scenic beauty is taking a sail on a kayak on the Masoala Peninsula with untouched rainforest and kayaking through these areas give you a nice view. It is recommended to go in groups for safety reasons.



This park is often referred as Jurassic Park, which is a home for the stunning scenery. It is basically the ruined and eroded sandstone formation which is dated during the Jurassic park. It has deep canyons, grasslands and palm lined oases. Here you can see the ring- tailed lemur.

Thus Madagascar has many National Parks to offer its unique wildlife and flora and fauna. It has many beaches, few which are not explored yet, rivers and museums.


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Things to do and See at Amman


Amman is the capital city of Jordan. This place holds a surprise for the travelers with the historical sites and the many places to explore. Although Amman is Flooded with many luxurious hotels and shopping malls, travelers still prefer the open souks, with splendid varieties of the local things to buy and see. Amman is also famous for its food and the famous Arabic coffee which is served along with dates mostly as it is quite strong and bitter.



The Amman citadel is the main historical attraction of Amman. This fortress sits on the highest hill of Amman the Jebel Al – Qala’s built on seven hills. The citadel is surrounded by 1700metre wall that have been built several times which was built during the Bronze and Iron Age.

There are many artifacts found here and is one of the archeological sites, and some of the artifacts found are displayed in the archeological museum. It is open for the public to visit with a minimal entrance fee.



It is the most famous attraction in Jordan, The Dead Sea is divided into two sides the Jordan side and the Israeli side, and it lies in the capital city of Madaba. Lot of tours are organized for the travelers, it is basically a one day tour.

The Dead Sea is known for its health benefits, as the water contains the highest amount of salinity in the World. It is located in the lowest land elevation of the world and the deepest. Due to its salinity people just float in the sea and the sand which is black in color has the highest mineral and bathing in this sand gives a lot of health benefits.



To enjoy the silence and the vast desert experience on the back of the camel is a memory to be taken. The sunset is a beautiful site. You can take the tailor made tours to the desserts.


Amman was once the Roman city of Philadelphia, has adopted the roman architecture and their culture here is from both Roman and the Semitic cultures. The large theatre and the small Odeon’s mainly used for debates during that time was built first before the theatre. The theatre has a layout of semi circular rows of stone benches and facing the centre stage where performance took place. Almost 6000 people can be seated at once.



It is a must to visit the spice shops in Amman. They have various varieties of spices, nuts and other goodies available. Arabic spices like Zaatar and Sumak which you might not have heard of is a must buy and try.



In your travel you can also learn the delicious cuisine of Jordan from Beit Sitti an Arabic cooking school with home-style settings. Here you learn the traditional cuisines like hummus, saffron rice, fattoush, falafel, mezze and many more.

Amman has lot to offer the travelers with the historical sites, museums, mosques, churches, Mount Nebo and of course after all the tiring day touring; you can relax in the local Turkish bath.



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Seoul, The Largest Metropolis of South Korea


With a population of over 25 million people, Seoul is the 3rd largest metropolitan in the world. The Korean peninsula is certainly a must-see for all the people who love travelling. Seoul, the capital of South Korea offers a multitude of attraction for the tourists to enjoy. This article will give an overview of the important places that would be of interest to the visitors.


Gyeongbok Palace

This is Korea’s most Royal Palace. Located at the northern end of Seoul’s Main Boulevard, Sejongro, this palace was built in the 1300s. The pavilions and the halls within the palace take at least an hour’s time to look around.


Deoksugung Palace

This palace is a mix of Asian and European architecture. It’s the mark of the Han Empire. Though not very big, its beauty is worth a visit.

Changdeokgung Palace

This is a UNESCO world heritage site. This is from the Joseon Dynasty and was built in 1405. This palace is built on the foot of the mountain and gives a beautiful and royal atmosphere. The rear garden of this palace is called the ‘secret garden’.

Changgyeonggung Palace

This palace is different from the other palaces in Seoul because the main gate faces east instead of south. It was built by the Goryeo dynasty in 1100s. The palace grounds are very rocky.



This national park is located on the northern side of Seoul. It has hiking trails, temples, Fortresses and many more interesting places. The right time to visit this place is during autumn season when the leaves change colour. There are also several peaks in this park worth climbing but the best is Baekundae which is 837 meters.


For a romantic stroll, the Hangang Park is a perfect place at night. The Han River runs from the East Seoul to West Seoul. The river Cruise gives beautiful views of Seoul as it bisects the city. If you want to relax, watch the sunrise and sunset on the river.


This was originally a summer resort during the Joseon period. But it was built as a village specifically for tourists to know more about the Joseon dynasty. You can see a lot of exhibits inside the houses. There is a garden which grows native trees and a beautiful valley.



It is a museum for showcasing the battles in Korean history. It displays the various weapons like tanks, planes, missiles used in the warfare.


It the largest Buddhist temple in Seoul and the chief temple of the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism. Enjoy the silence of the temple and remember to keep quiet!


This church was built in 1898 and is a Gothic church. It is famous for its Midnight mass during Christmas. The area around this church is also famous for its numerous shops.


Seoul is one of the best places, where one would love shopping. The good place for shopping in Seoul is the Myeongdong where you get premium discounts and buy big brands at rock bottom price. For wholesale shopping and window shopping, Dongdaemun is the best place to go and its shopper’s heaven, especially the night market. There are plenty of shopping places like Itaewon, Edae and Hongdae worth a visit.

When it comes to Seoul, there are many other places like the Everland Resort and the Gates – Namdaemun, Heunginjimun Dongdaemoon worth watching which is ideal for worth visit. It’s a traveller’s paradise full of entertainment!


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January 9, 2016
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Milan: Beautiful City of Northern Italy


Italy has some beautiful and famous cities. Biggest and probably the best is Rome. The capital of Italy and the home of the Pope living and working in the city state called The Vatican. You have Venice the jewel of the Adriatic Sea with its canals and history as a shipping center in the past. You have Florence about 3 hours north of Rome. The Home of the Renaissance, and where the statue of David by Leonardo DiVinci resides in a museum there. But one city that keeps getting left out among those wanting to go to Italy is Milan. Italy.


Milan is the financial capital of Italy and one of the most important cities in Italy too. It is second in population of all the cities in Italy. But it is the largest urban and metropolitan area in the country. It is never really considered one of the more beautiful cities in Italy, but this is not true. Part of the reason for this is the fact that during World War II is was bombed extensively by the Germans.

Why people like to go to Milan is for the Italian life style of la dolce vita…the sweet life. You have fashion there, you have football (soccer) you have the opera, and tons of night life to choose from. Milan has rebuilt itself into a thriving metropolis. And fashion models and designers flock to Milan.

But don’t be fooled by the new Milan, the old Milan has 26 centuries of history behind it and a wonderful heritage that deserves being explored.Milan_4

The city is most famous for its historical sites that remained after the war. At the top of the list is The Duomo, or cathedral. Sitting right in the center of the Historic District. Don’t think you will drive up to the Duomo and park. There are no cars aloud in this part of the city. Pedestrian traffic only. You have La Scala, one of the world’s most well-known opera houses. And you have the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an ancient and glamorous arcaded shopping gallery. Not to be missed if you are in the mood for shopping or just browsing. And don’t forget to see the Castello Sforzesco, a grand medieval castle and the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Santa Maria alle Grazie Basilica. It contains one of the world’s most famous paintings: Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. There are other versions of the last supper, one in Florence, but this is the original and the one everyone wants to see.


You can visit Milan year round. But don’t forget, Museums are generally closed on Mondays. I would suggest going in autumn, when the weather is cooler, Italy can be warm in the summer months. And in the fall it gets rainy and foggy in Milan. This time of year you will most likely see only tourist.

In winter Milan gets rather cold, often below or around zero (centigrade) but the weeks before Christmas, Milan comes alive with Christmas decorations and it’s a site not to be missed. Lights, Christmas trees, Vendors in the market place are everywhere selling all kinds of gifts for Christmas. The shops and windows are all decorated for the season. And the streets get very crowded and busy. AND NOISY.Milan_3

Spring, the weather is similar to that of autumn. Everyone goes back to work, and then it seems more quiet, yet serious unlike that of the winter. The parks get nice to visit, as the trees blossom. The city is also quite nice to visit at Carnival, this is the time at the end of Lent, where people dress up and celebrate, where there are special services held in churches and some special events. If you can find a Good Friday Procession DO NOT MISS IT. These processions are common on Good Friday in Italy, and are a moving example of the religious feeling of the area.

In summer, is extremely hot and humid, with a rainstorm here and there. In July, most shops remain open. In August, as the locals go off to take summer holidays. Many businesses and shut down. The city becomes quite empty with not many tourists strolling around, and with many of the main sights shut down.It’s good if you want to enjoy the city to yourself when it’s quiet, walking in a silent park. Despite the fact that many businesses shut down in this season, some still do remain open. You will be able to find some open shops, restaurants and museums.


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Taipei: Big City on a Small Island


China is a HUGE country. And just off the shore of China is the small country of Taiwan. There has long been trouble between these two countries. China wants to swallow up Taiwan. Taiwan wants its independence. And on the northern tip of the Island of Taiwan is the BIG city of Taipei.

The translation for Taipei means North of Taiwan. It is officially known as Taipei City. It is estimated that over two million people live in Taipei. This forms the center of an area called The Taipei – Keelung Metropolitan area.

Taipei is the political, economic, educational and cultural center of Taiwan. And one of the major hubs of the Chinese speaking world. Yes, they speak Chinese there. It is also part of a high tech industrial area like much of China.


Here you will find railways, high speed trains, highways, airports, and bus lines just like in any other modern municipal areas in the world. There is world class architectural and cultural landmarks found in Taipei too. Including Taipei 101 a tall sky scrapper, Chiang Kai-Skek Memorial Hall, and the National Peace Museum. There are markets that stay open all night dispensing food all over the city. There are internationally known hot springs here that draw tourists and locals alike.

The weather here is unique. There is a monsoon season, influenced by the humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and last a long time and are very humid. Beware of the heavy rainstorms and typhoons that are common in this area. Winters are generally short, mostly warm and usually very foggy. This is due to the northeasterly winds coming from the Siberian Peninsula. Day time temperatures can peak at 26 deg Celsius during a warm winter day. While it can dip down below this on winter days. In the winter it is not unusual for the temp to dip below 3 or 5 deg Celsius.


Tourism is a major part of the economy of Taipei. In 2013 over 6 million overseas visitors came to Taipei, making it the 15th most visited city in the world. The tourists Skekadd 10 billion dollars to the local economy.

Some of the treasures in this city are the National Chiang Kai- Memorial Hall which is a famous landmark and tourist attraction that was built to honor the memory of Gen Chaing Kai-Shek, former president of the Republic of China. This building is on the east end of the Memorial Hall Square, home of the National Concert Hall and National Theater.


Also nearby is the National Taiwan Museum and the 228 Peace Memorial Park. The museum is Taiwan’s oldest museum.

There is the National Palace Museum, an art gallery and a museum built to house ancient Chinese Artifacts. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum was built in 1983 as the first museum in Taiwan dedicated to modern art.

One of the most noteworthy buildings in Taipei is Taipei 101. A 101 floor skyscraper that has claimed the title of world’s tallest building when it opened in 2004. It held that title for six years before a building in Dubai beat it.


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